What’s Ergonomic Computer Keyboard

Most of ergonomic computer keyboard arrange keys in the shape of

Split Ergonomic Computer Keyboard

Compare with keyboards we’re mostly using, ergonomic computer keyboard is good news to people who work long time with computer. There are two major types of Ergonomic Computer Keyboard in the market, they’re Split ergonomic computer keyboards and Vertical ergonomic computer keyboard.

Split ergonomic computer keyboards has a gap in the middle, that divides the keycaps into two separate halves. Most of ergonomic computer keyboards arrange the keys in the shap of a “V”.

Vertical ergonomic keyboard can relax your shoulders and arms.

Vertical Ergonomic Keyboard

The ergonomic computer keyboard tries to relax your shoulders to avoid repetitive stress injuries. Not only shoulders, but also wrist, hand, or/and arm could get hurted, such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

In the other hands, there is no research to prove that split keyboards can solve this problem.

It’s a good idea to choose ergonomic computer keyboards. There’re some important facts you should know (strongly recommend to pay attention) like the height of keyboard, distance from you, from the display. Choose a perfect ergonomic keyboard and get a right distance to use it, it’s the key to decrease the harm.

Ergonomic Computer Keyboard Guidelines:

  • * Ensure that your wrists are straight and in -line with your forearms.
  • Ensure that the Ergonomic Keyboard is placed directly in front of you.
  • Ensure that the elbows are close to your body and the shoulders are in relaxed position.