What a Shame! Difficult Explain G-Point Mouse

G-Point Mouse front view

It’s hard to explain the mouse called “G-Point.” It’s odd, and can not stop thinking deeply, if you take a look at all of these photos. I promise, this is a really really computer mouse.

Oh my goodness! Think out? With this design, it seems pretty and strange, but, it cannot stop to think deeply. Unknown that be the intention or our imagination by oneself but, want to tell it is Mouse at seem pretty and many artses.

G-Point Mouse 2

The G-Point computer mouse comes with vermilion body and black edge, have a scroll wheels like a general mouse. You’ll find out something if look at it from top, especially the position under the wheel. There is a round tiny dot. It’s use to quick access to your favorite or email.

G-Point Mouse 3

Oh my goodness! What a shame! I’ve introduced you this moues. This mouse has a secret spot. It’s connected to where you will go. The email, your blog, or news website.

G-Point Mouse 4

Designer: Andy Kurovets

G-Point Mouse 5