Swiftpoint Miniature Mouse Demo at CES 2011

Swiftpoint Miniature Mouse has 3 buttons: left and right buttons, scroll wheel.

I’m dislike use the touchpad on the laptop. It’s inconvenient when need to scroll web page up or down. Carry on a traditional mouse is a little space-waste. How about a miniature mouse? Let’s take a look at Swiftpoint miniature mouse demo at CES 2011.

Put Swiftpoint miniature mouse bewteen two hands on a laptop.

Put Swiftpoint miniature mouse bewteen two hands on a laptop.

The Swiftpoint miniature mouse is very small and can be used on the wrist rest on a laptop. It’s hard for miniature mouse to have 3 buttons. It has a scroll wheel that can be controlled by a finger, or you can roll the wheel over a surface to scroll quickly. Takes a little while to get used to, but it’s a good alternative to traditional mice.

Handing Swiftpoint miniature mouse

The Swiftpoint mouse is a wireless mouse with built in battery. It can last about 4 weeks for a full charge, and 30 seconds charge support 1 hour use.

Charging Swiftpoint miniature mouse

It’s a good idea to put Swiftpoint mouse between two hands, and use it as your traditional mice. To use it perfectly, you should need a small and transparent pad, like below.

A small pad for laptop and Swiftpoint miniature mouse.