Super Slim Keyboard KB6908

Super slim keyboard KB6908 uses chocolate keys.

KB6908 is one of our super slim keyboard. KB6908 contains 2 new features: Chocolate keycap and Optimized keyboard layout.

Chocolate Keycap

Super slim keyboard KB6908 ues chocolate keycaps, we can call it as chocolate keyboard. The chocolate keycap are new fashion of computer keyboards since 2009. It can be found on lots of new products. For instance, apple wireless keyboard. It’s fashionable and comfortable.

Save Space up to 30%

The keyboard layout of super slim keyboard KB6908 is a little different. The optimized keyboard layout saves space up to 30%. (Compare with common standard keyboard, for instance Dell SK8115.)

Ultra-Slim Design

KB6908 is a super slim keyboard with 17.5MM thickness. The main area is only 12 MM thick.

Short Key Travel Distance

KB6908 is based on chocolate key, 2.5 MM short KTD, like common notebook keyboard. For instance, Lenovo Thinkpad notebook use scissor-switch membrane keyboard, its KTD is 2.5 MM. Short KTD can improve type efficiency.

Super slim keyboard KB6908 doesn't use the standard keyboard layout.

Details of Super Slim Keyboard KB6908

Dimension 402*14*18 mm
Material ABS
KTD 3 mm
Key Life 10 million times
Connection 1.5 m cable, USB or PS/2 port
Supported OS Windows 95/98/Me/XP/Vista/7, Mac OS

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Last update @ Mar. 1, 2011
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