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About V4 Electronic

We, Shenzhen V4 Electronic Co., Ltd., are a keyboard manufacturer with more than 10 years experience, located in Shenzhen, China. Keyboards and mice are perfect couples. We’re also a mouse manufacturer.

The whole building belongs to keyboard manufacturere, mouse manufacturer - V4 Electronic.

The whole building belongs to us.


Our factory is located in a 5-floors building, about 5000 square meters, with more than 300 employees. Since 1998, we started to manufacture conductive layers (part of membrane keyboard). Then, we manufacture keyboard and mouse.

Our products are mainly sold to Middle East and South America. Some of our customers come from German, Korea etc…

New and old reception of V4 Electronic.

Old and New(right) Reception of V4 Electronic

Why Choose V4 Electronic?

Absolutely, we’re keyboard and mouse manufacturer, NOT trading company. After service is guaranteed. Problems can be solved more quickly.

  • Manufacturing products for many years, we have more experience about keyboard and mouse.
  • Care about logistics safty, even more than you. We hire a specialist from logistic company to keep thousands of products’ safety.
  • Attach great importance to product quality. (Email us to get the list of our VIP customers.)

Maybe, you’re considering sourcing your keyboard and mouse from India or Vietnam. Until now, China keyboard and mouse manufacturers are still your first choice. China has more mature industrial chain. Your products or technical requirement can be finished here, maybe only here.

Keyboards are under packing.

Keyboards are under packing in factory.

What We Can Do?

Our products and service include:

  • Keyboard OEM service
  • Mouse OEM service
  • ODM service
  • Small order for wholesaler and distributor

Welcome to visit our factory!

There is inserting machine in the key insert line.

There is inserting machine in the key insert line.

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