KB718 USB Slim Keyboard

KB718 is one of our USB slim keyboards. Due to optimized keyboard layout, it save space up to 30%. (Compare with standard layout keyboard.) KB718 is available in black and white.

Black USB slim keyboard KB718.

USB slim keyboard white KB718 and white MS3302 make a good pair.

40% Slimmer

USB slim keyboard KB718 re-designs the key. Its main keyboard area is only 12 MM. The thikness of the most common membrane keyboard is 20~22 mm, KB718 is 40% slimmer than them.

Fantastic Quality

USB slim keyboard KB718 is heavy and exquisite. It’s more heavy because of steel plate inside. The steel plate make it strong and heavy.

2.5 MM Short Key Travel Distance

USB slim keyboard KB718 is 2.5 MM short KTD (Short Key Travel Distance), like common notebook keyboards. For instance, Lenovo Thinkpad notebook use scissor-switch membrane keyboard, its KTD is 2.5 MM. Short KTD can improve type efficiency.

White USB slim keyboard KB718

Details of USB Slim Keyboard KB718

Dimension 384*116*24 mm
Material ABS
KTD 2.5 mm
Key Life 10 million times
Connection 1.5 m USB cable (Only USB)
Supported OS Windows 95/98/Me/XP/Vista/7, Mac OS

Last Updated @Dec. 27, 2010
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    My name is Kim Bong Kyu at ICRAFT from Korea. I’d like to visit your company for keyboard business on Apr. 2nd or Apr. 3rd. Can you arrange a meeting and reply me ??