How Waterproof Keyboards Works?

One kind of waterproof keyboars is silicone keyboards.

Did you ever drop some coffee or other liquids on your keyboard before? Then, the keyboard stop to work or some keys get sticky, even stuck completely. Waterproof keyboards can suffer from it.

There are two forms of Waterproof keyboards, the solid and flexible ones. Usually, they’re made with polyurethane or silicone. As we know, flexible keyboards can be folded and portable.

Waterproof keyboards are those which don’t get affected by liquid. There are two type of waterproof keyboards. One don’t get affected by occasional liquid spills, and another don’t get affected by complete immersion.

Most of keyboards of V4 Electronic are waterproof.

Why My Waterproof Keyboards get broken and sticky?

Check your keyboards carefully, if it’s functional or not. Keys don’t work, that means it’s broken completely. If keys work, just get sticky, there’re some sugar left on the keys. Clean them and keys will be OK.

Most of keyboards from V4 Electronic will not get affected by occasional liquid spills, so we do NOT tag them.