Computer Mouse Manufacturer Your First Choice

MS3302 in 3 colors from computer mouse manufacturer.

Products that “Made in China” are popular in the world. Manufacturer from China get more and more experienced, and advanced. Now, in China, we have the most mature industry chain in the world. Computer Mouse Manufacturer from China is your first choice.

We, V4 Electronic Co., Ltd, are specialized in computer mouse for many years, with customers ViewSonic (USA), Skydigital (Korea), Genius (Taiwan), etc… Read more

5 Red Laptop Mouse Recommend

Candy red laptop mouse from Belkin

Belkin Wireless Laptop Mouse

Other computer mouse force your hand to conform to an odd shape. This Candy Red Laptop Mouse is ergonomic expert’s picks. Stylish and comfortable!

MS3158 in red is prefer to be a laptop mouse.

Red Laptop Mouse MS3158

MS3158 is a red laptop mouse with retractable wire. It help you stay out of tangled wire, and it’s small in size. MS3158 is one of our USB travel mouse. Read more

How a Cordless Computer Mouse Works?

The computer mice are necessary for interacting with computer. Lots of computer mice are connected to computers via a cord. Cordless computer mouse can keep your desktop clean and have more control while using your media center compueter.

Cordless computer mouse became more and more popular.

Technology of Cordless Computer mouse

Cordless computer mouse usually works by radio frequencies commonly called as RF. RF cordless computer mouse needs two components to work, a radio transmitter and a radio receiver.

RF Transmitter

A radio frequency (RF) transmitter is usually built in the mouse. The movements and click are recorded by the mouse and sends these information via radio signals to the receiver. Read more

Color Bluetooth Laser Mouse Sony Vaio E Series

Sony Vaio E Series Mouse: VGP-BMS20

Sony Vaio E series mouse have many colors to choose. It’s lovely and moving! Sony Called them VGP-BMS20.

VGP-BMS20/B (Blue), VGP-BMS20/W (White), VGP-BMS20/P (Pink), VGP-BMS20/L (Blue), VGP-BMS20/G (Green).  Use one more letter to describe their color. Obviously, they’re bluetooth mouse with laser optical engine, with 800DPI.

The Sony VGP-BMS20 use 2.4GHz radio frequency, and can stay connected to your notebook or PC for up to 10 meters. It has 2 buttons and a wheel, offers a 800dpi resolution. Here are more details: 53*112.4*31 mm, 105 g, 2 AA batteries.

Wireless Mouse for Laptops

Wireless Mouse for Laptops WM3502 is available in lots of colors.

A wireless mouse for laptops gives you an extra level of convenience. Using the touchpad on your laptop for long periods of time isn’t practical, but setting up a mouse and keyboard every time you unpack is a little annoying. With a wireless mouse, there’s no extra set-up once it’s installed on your computer.

What Kind of Wireless Mouse is fit for Laptops? Read more