Supply China Mice

MS3502 is our super slim mouse.
As a mouse manufacturer, we, V4 Electronic, also provide China Mice. We have China USB optical mouse, China PS2 optical mouse, and other wireless optical mice.

You can find pink mouse (probably hello kitty mouse), black mouse, China mice here, with good quality and competitive price. Recently, we produced a travel mouse for our Brazil customer. Colorful mice is one of special offer mouse. Read more

Swiftpoint Miniature Mouse Demo at CES 2011

Swiftpoint Miniature Mouse has 3 buttons: left and right buttons, scroll wheel.

I’m dislike use the touchpad on the laptop. It’s inconvenient when need to scroll web page up or down. Carry on a traditional mouse is a little space-waste. How about a miniature mouse? Let’s take a look at Swiftpoint miniature mouse demo at CES 2011.

Put Swiftpoint miniature mouse bewteen two hands on a laptop.

Put Swiftpoint miniature mouse bewteen two hands on a laptop.

The Swiftpoint miniature mouse is very small and can be used on the wrist rest on a laptop. It’s hard for miniature mouse to have 3 buttons. It has a scroll wheel that can be controlled by a finger, or you can roll the wheel over a surface to scroll quickly. Takes a little while to get used to, but it’s a good alternative to traditional mice. Read more

Wireless Mouse for Laptops

Wireless Mouse for Laptops WM3502 is available in lots of colors.

A wireless mouse for laptops gives you an extra level of convenience. Using the touchpad on your laptop for long periods of time isn’t practical, but setting up a mouse and keyboard every time you unpack is a little annoying. With a wireless mouse, there’s no extra set-up once it’s installed on your computer.

What Kind of Wireless Mouse is fit for Laptops? Read more