What is Corded Laser Mouse?

What is corded laser mouse? It’s laser mouse with cord (or wire). A laser mouse is a type of computer mouse that use laser beam to track the movement. Corded laser mouse came in the late 1990s.

The laser mouse and optical mouse have essentially replaced the ball mouse. The difference between laser mouse and optical mouse is the type of light which is used to track movement. Optical mouse has an LED, a laser mouse has a small laser.

Here are some new or classical corded laser mouse.

Microsoft corded laser mouse 5000

Microsoft Wireless Laser Mouse 5000

This is not corded laser mouse, it’s cordless. It provide more than 6 months battery life with a charge. Read more

Microsoft’s New Multitouch Mouse Shows at CES 2011

What’s the Microsoft’s answer to Apple’s Magic Mouse? A research paper in March 2010 shows that they had their answer! And just this week at CES 2011, we found it, Microsoft new touch mouse!

Let’s call it Microsoft Multitouch mouse, it’s shown after Arc Touch computer mouse late last year. Arc Touch mouse is a touch mouse, but without multitouch. This time, Microsoft give us 7 finger multitouch action, BlueTrack technology which made you can track on almost any surface. It’s capacitive touch-sening, and no buttons on the surface. There is no horizontal scroll strip, instead of a line.

The below video is demo of this MicroSoft Multitouch mouse, it shows one, two and three fingers gestures on Windows 7! Read more