Supply China Mice

MS3502 is our super slim mouse.
As a mouse manufacturer, we, V4 Electronic, also provide China Mice. We have China USB optical mouse, China PS2 optical mouse, and other wireless optical mice.

You can find pink mouse (probably hello kitty mouse), black mouse, China mice here, with good quality and competitive price. Recently, we produced a travel mouse for our Brazil customer. Colorful mice is one of special offer mouse. Read more

Which China Mice Factory is Reliable

Diecut of MS3302

Hi there! This is V4 Electronic from China. We’re a mice factory in Shenzhen, and verified by GlobalSources China. (Picture above is diecut of our cheap optical mouse MS3302.)

China is the world factory, and Shenzhen is the electronic center of China. The mature industrial chain give the ability of quick manufacturing. Our mice factory is about 5000 square metres and 500 employees. Our production capacity of keyboards and mice is about 250,000pcs/month.

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Optical Mouse Made in China

Do you need optical mouse made in China? Are you sourcing computer optical mouse from China? You’ve arrived a right place.

We, V4 Electronic, are a computer mouse manufacturer from China, also make computer keyboard. We specialized in this field more than 10 years. As a mouse manufacturer, our products include: China wireless mouse, china optical mouse, China computer mouse etc… Optical mouse made in China is not a case for us. Our service also includes: Mouse OEM, keyboard OEM, Mouse ODM and Keyboard ODM.

Our factory is about 5000 square meters with about 500 employees. About 20 engineers are developing new keyboard and mouse. The chief engineers have more than 10 years experience in mouse design and manufacturing.

Wish everything goes well with you! If you need optical mouse made in China, call us!

Where to Import China Wireless Mouse?

China Wireless Mouse WM3302 is our popular wireless mouse.

Products which made in China are good quality and with reasonable price. So does China wireless mouse.

We, V4 Electronic, are a computer mouse manufacturer from China. We manufacturer wireless mouse. Our China wireless mouse includes USB wireless mouse, PS2 wireless mouse, slim wireless mouse etc…

Our customers are from world wide, Viewsonic, SkyDigital, Genie are some of our customers. Email us to get more details about our mouse OEM service,  keyboard OEM service and customers in your country. Read more

China Mouse Supplier

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V4 Electronic is a China mouse supplier

Our factory, the whole building.

Are you finding China mouse supplier? Products which are made-in-China are cheap and good quality. China computer mouse is the same.

We, V4 Electronic, are a computer mouse supplier from Shenzhen, China. China is the world factory, Shenzhen is electronic centre of China. Our factory is about 5000 square meters in a 5-floor building, with more than 500 employees. Read more

China USB Mouse

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China USB mouse are good quality and cheap.

Our latest super slim ouse MS3502, available in USB.

We provide China USB mouse. We’re a keyboard and mouse manufacturer from Shenzhen, China. (The mouse above is our latest super slim mouse MS3502, available in USB, wireless.)

We design, make toolings, and product USB mouse in our factory. In fact, it’s a piece of cake to produce a USB mouse. Toolings of computer keyboard are more difficult than computer mouse. Every keys must be finished precisely. One mistake stucks a key, several mistakes make the whole tooling destroyed. Read more

Lovely Pink Computer Mouse Called I Love You

Pink computer mouse in heart shape.

Wow, how lovely it is! It’s a pink computer mouse, let’s call it I Love You mouse please. There is not enough specifications to show its dimension and other details. At least it’s an optical mouse with 800 DPI, and 3 buttons. There is a LED illuminated scroll wheel in the middle.

The price is USD39.99. It seems a little for a standard pink computer mouse, it would be nice to be a gift. I Love You mouse is also available in yellow, red, blue and pink. Read more

Computer Mouse Manufacturer Your First Choice

MS3302 in 3 colors from computer mouse manufacturer.

Products that “Made in China” are popular in the world. Manufacturer from China get more and more experienced, and advanced. Now, in China, we have the most mature industry chain in the world. Computer Mouse Manufacturer from China is your first choice.

We, V4 Electronic Co., Ltd, are specialized in computer mouse for many years, with customers ViewSonic (USA), Skydigital (Korea), Genius (Taiwan), etc… Read more

What is Corded Laser Mouse?

What is corded laser mouse? It’s laser mouse with cord (or wire). A laser mouse is a type of computer mouse that use laser beam to track the movement. Corded laser mouse came in the late 1990s.

The laser mouse and optical mouse have essentially replaced the ball mouse. The difference between laser mouse and optical mouse is the type of light which is used to track movement. Optical mouse has an LED, a laser mouse has a small laser.

Here are some new or classical corded laser mouse.

Microsoft corded laser mouse 5000

Microsoft Wireless Laser Mouse 5000

This is not corded laser mouse, it’s cordless. It provide more than 6 months battery life with a charge. Read more

5 Red Laptop Mouse Recommend

Candy red laptop mouse from Belkin

Belkin Wireless Laptop Mouse

Other computer mouse force your hand to conform to an odd shape. This Candy Red Laptop Mouse is ergonomic expert’s picks. Stylish and comfortable!

MS3158 in red is prefer to be a laptop mouse.

Red Laptop Mouse MS3158

MS3158 is a red laptop mouse with retractable wire. It help you stay out of tangled wire, and it’s small in size. MS3158 is one of our USB travel mouse. Read more


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