Where to Find Keyboards Wholesale Service

KB6106 is our cheapest keyboard.

Need keyboards wholesale service? Want to source keyboard from China? You come to the right place.

We, V4 Electronic, provide keyboards wholesale service. MOQ (Minimum of Quantity) is only 1000 PCS. We’re a keyboard manufacturer from China, provide China keyboard, Keyboard OEM, China wireless keyboard etc…

Our customers include ViewSonic, SkyDigital, Genie etc.. Our factory is about 5000 square metres, 500 employees. Read more

Keyboard Manufacturing

Keyboard manufacturing is our best.

In the past, products for daily use which “made in china” means cheap, especially the textile.But now, with the developing of science, China has been a great export country.

“Made in China” stands for things good but inexpensive. There is no doubt that the keyboard manufacturing in China is one of the bright lops now. Our company (V4 Electronic) fully deserves the honor for best. In this dog-eat-dog society, how can we say this? Just because we are aspire at the industrial art of keyboard manufacturing. Read more

Computer Keyboard Suppliers from China

KB6308M is of our new multimedia keyboard

Are you a computer hardware distributor/wholesaler? Are you finding computer keyboard suppliers? Why not choose V4 Electronic?

We, V4 Electronic, are one of computer keyboard suppliers from China. We specialize in this field more than 10 years, with customers Genie(German), ViewSonic(USA), SkyDigital(Korea) etc…

Our factory is about 5000 square meters with about 500 employees. We have China multimedia keyboard, China standard keyboard, China USB keyboard, China wireless keyboard etc… Read more

Wireless Keyboard Manufacturers from Shenzhen, China

Wireless keyboard WK11 from wireless keyboard manufacturers

Searching wireless keyboard manufacturers? Why not contact us?

V4 Electronic Co., Ltd. was established in 1998 as a wireless keyboard manufacturer. Relying on the research and production of plastic materials, we are engaged in electronic product fittings and we specialize in developing and producing computer keyboards and mice.

Our company currently owns 5000sqm standard factory buildings, with more than 10 engineering and technical personnel, totally about 500 employees. Our products include:

  • various types of keyboards: wireless keyboards, wired keyboards, standard keyboards, multimedia keyboards, MINI keyboards, OFFICE keyboards and dual-drive keyboards.
  • All kinds of mice: wireless mice, optical mice. Read more

4 Inexpensive Keyboards – KB6106 KB6308 KB6608

These 4 inexpensive keyboards share the same keys.

KB6106 is on of our inexpensive keyboards. We know you’re finding, sourcing inexpensive keyboard for your customers. Let’s talk about how to manufacture these inexpensive keyboards from manufacturers’ view.

Choose Low Quality Material

It’s affective and unwise. The low price bring the quality down, and bad quality bring the price down. Bad idea! Read more