Where to Source Small Computer Keyboard?

What size of keyboards should be small computer keyboard? I don’t know. There is no clear definition. Let’s take a look at some keyboards from big to small enough.

KB728: Small Enough Computer Keyboard

KB728 is under developping. It has no edit and numeric area.

KB728 is our new keyboard which is under developping. There are no edit area and numeric area. It’s easy for KB728 to be small enough. Read more

2 Innovative Laser Computer Keyboard

The future of computer keyboard is laser computer keyboard. No words to say, just take a look at laser computer keyboards as below, you’ll love it immediately.

Bluetooth Laser Virtual Keyboard

Bluetooth Laseer Virtual Keyboard in red light.

We didn’t find out its brand and manufacturers, let’s just call it bluetooth laser keyboard. It’s another laser computer keyboard, and its dimensions approximately is 35*92*25 mm. It’s connected by bluetooth v1.1 class 2. Project 295*95 mm virtual keyboard. Full size and QWERT layout. Another choice for people who want to write email anywhere. You can find more details about it here.

A Laser Computer Keyboard from Korea

Celluon shows their laser computer keyboard ceremoniously at CES 2011. Fashionable design, and come in at least 5 colors. We have report it, you can find its detials in article “USB laser keyboard”. It works on iPad, Android , Mac OSdevices, and also windows, by bluetooth HID protocol. Today, we have a video about Magic Cube. See it below. Read more

Magic Cube: Bluetooth Portable USB Laser Keyboard

Bluetooth portable laser keyboard - Magic Cube

New products from CES 2011. Celluon shows their new USB Laser Keyboard: Magic Cube.

This bluetooth portable laser keyboard take as much as two 1st-generation iPods, can project a virtual keyboard with red, blue or other colors (90*34*24 mm). The Magic Cube is compatible with Android 2.0/2.1/2.2, iPhone/iPad 4.0, and any device with Bluetooth HID support. It’s battery inside to power the laser and optical recognition system. It can last 150 minutes of use with a charge. Here are more pics and videos about USB laser keyboard Magic Bube. Read more