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China keyboards manufacturer's keyboard KB6105

Our USB multimedia keyboard KB6105.

Thanks for visiting the website of China keyboards manufacturer. We’re a China keyboards manufacturer from Shenzhen (China). As we know, China is the world factory, Shenzhen is centre of electronic manufacturing.

We, V4 Electronic, specialize in computer keyboard manufacturing more than 10 years, with about 5000 square meters factory, and about 500 employees. Our customers include: Genie (German), Skydigital (Korea), ViewSonic (USA) etc… Read more

4 Inexpensive Keyboards – KB6106 KB6308 KB6608

These 4 inexpensive keyboards share the same keys.

KB6106 is on of our inexpensive keyboards. We know you’re finding, sourcing inexpensive keyboard for your customers. Let’s talk about how to manufacture these inexpensive keyboards from manufacturers’ view.

Choose Low Quality Material

It’s affective and unwise. The low price bring the quality down, and bad quality bring the price down. Bad idea! Read more

What is Multimedia Keyboards?

Multimedia keyboards are designed to make it one-touch simple for the user to access often-used programs and functions. There are special keys used to access the Internet, music, and other frequently used programs such as email, calculator and so on.

Multimedia keyboards are keyboards with these 5 buttons, volume+, volume-, play/pause, next, previous buttons at least. Volume control is handy function that multimedia keyboards possess. The keys for lowering and raising the computer’s volume are clearly marked with easily recognizable speaker icons. Read more