Where to Import Mini Keyboards?

Where to import mini keyboards? Absolutely China. China is a world factory, and products which labeled “made in China” are good quality and cheap. We, V4 Electronic, are a computer keyboard manufacturer from China, offer China Keyboard, China Mouse and China keyboard and mouse.

We are the right supplier when you need to import mini keyboard. Our mini keyboards are below.

Mini Keyboard KB718

Mini keyboard KB718 is not small enough, problably.

KB718 is a mini keyboard with optimized keyboard layout. This USB slim keyboard# is available in black and white. Silicone cover is optional.


KB728 is smaller and under developping.

KB728 is under developping, our latest mini keyboards. If you want to import min keyboard. KB728 is your first choice. Read more

Where to Import Mini Computer Keyboards?

Most of our mini computer keyboards are keyboards with standard keys. Let me introduce these min computer keyboards to you.

KB718: The Biggest Mini Computer Keyboard

KB718 is the biggest mini keyboard with optimized editing area.

We cut down the keyboard layout of USB slim keyboard KB718. Its shrunk edit area made it into smaller than standard keyboard. KB718 is also a slim keyboard, too.

Smaller But Not the Smallest Mini Computer Keyboards

KB728 is a mini computer keyboard without numeric area.

KB728 is under developping, maybe launched this year(2011). We cut off the numeric area. It’s obviously smaller than KB718.

The Real Mini Computer Keyboard with Shrunk Keys

The under developping mini computer keyboard for iPad case.

If you think KB728 is not small enough. The only way to meet your target is choose those keyboards which use shrunk and mini keys. For instance, the latest silicone keyboard which we’re preparing for iPad leather case.

Importing the mini computer keyboards? Why not source from China, from us? We have more than 10 years experience of manufacturing.

Where to Source Small Computer Keyboard?

What size of keyboards should be small computer keyboard? I don’t know. There is no clear definition. Let’s take a look at some keyboards from big to small enough.

KB728: Small Enough Computer Keyboard

KB728 is under developping. It has no edit and numeric area.

KB728 is our new keyboard which is under developping. There are no edit area and numeric area. It’s easy for KB728 to be small enough. Read more

White Computer Keyboard KB6110 & KB718

What will you think about when talk about white computer keyboard? Apple computer keyboard? You love it? So am I. Today, we show two white computer keyboards: BK6110 and KB718.

White Computer Keyboard BK6110

BK6110 is bluetooth wite computer keyboard.

BK6110 is our latest keyboard with apple-style appearance, and scissors keys. Excellent quality and competitive price. BK6110 is still a bluetooth keyboard now, we’ll launch wired keyboard, and rf wireless keyboard later. Read more

Mini Computer Keyboard from China

What kind of keyboard could be called mini computer keyboard? First, it can be put into a briefcase. Then, it must be as small as possible. So, it’s necessary to cut down some keys from the mini computer keyboard. For instance

KB6110 is a mini computer keyboard with apple-style.

Mini Computer Keyboard KB6110

There’re two kinds of 6110, wired and wireless. It’s a apple-style keyboard, with nice white keys and panel. Read more