Flexible Mini Keyboard Directly from Shenzhen

Flexible mini keyboards in sevral colors.

Shenzhen V4 Electronic Co., Ltd. can supply you with good flexible mini keyboard at a competitive price and superior quality. Mini keyboard has been one of our main products in the recent years. The advantages of the flexible mini keyboard are their flexibility and convenience.

Our products include mini computer keyboard, multimedia internet keyboard, super slim keyboard. There are advantages which start business with us.

During our 13 years of experience, we have perfect complete system from manufacturing to sales. Allowing us to service your company from design, tooling, and keyboard manufacturing. Flexible mini keyboard is one of our main produtcs.

Located near to Shenzhen port, we offer expert guidance in the importing process. We guarantee China-direct prices and more profit for you. Read more

Colored Computer Keyboards from China Whosale

Colored Computer Keyboards is available in silicone and standard keyboards.

Our company, V4 Electronic Co.,Ltd, can supply you colored computer keyboards with competitive price and high quality, including black keyboard, blue keyboard, white computer keyboard, etc. Many fashion colors and designs are always available for all your requitements, welcome to OEM order!

Advantages of our colored computer keyboards

1. Superior Quality: We have a highly trained workforce that will ensure the quality of our colored computer keyboards during every step of the manufacturing process.

2. Cost-effective Solutions: With the high technology, we can maximize the speed of production thus minimizing the final cost to our customers. Read more

Where to Import Mini Keyboards?

Where to import mini keyboards? Absolutely China. China is a world factory, and products which labeled “made in China” are good quality and cheap. We, V4 Electronic, are a computer keyboard manufacturer from China, offer China Keyboard, China Mouse and China keyboard and mouse.

We are the right supplier when you need to import mini keyboard. Our mini keyboards are below.

Mini Keyboard KB718

Mini keyboard KB718 is not small enough, problably.

KB718 is a mini keyboard with optimized keyboard layout. This USB slim keyboard# is available in black and white. Silicone cover is optional.


KB728 is smaller and under developping.

KB728 is under developping, our latest mini keyboards. If you want to import min keyboard. KB728 is your first choice. Read more

How Waterproof Keyboards Works?

One kind of waterproof keyboars is silicone keyboards.

Did you ever drop some coffee or other liquids on your keyboard before? Then, the keyboard stop to work or some keys get sticky, even stuck completely. Waterproof keyboards can suffer from it.

There are two forms of Waterproof keyboards, the solid and flexible ones. Usually, they’re made with polyurethane or silicone. As we know, flexible keyboards can be folded and portable.

Waterproof keyboards are those which don’t get affected by liquid. There are two type of waterproof keyboards. One don’t get affected by occasional liquid spills, and another don’t get affected by complete immersion. Read more

Mini Computer Keyboard from China

What kind of keyboard could be called mini computer keyboard? First, it can be put into a briefcase. Then, it must be as small as possible. So, it’s necessary to cut down some keys from the mini computer keyboard. For instance

KB6110 is a mini computer keyboard with apple-style.

Mini Computer Keyboard KB6110

There’re two kinds of 6110, wired and wireless. It’s a apple-style keyboard, with nice white keys and panel. Read more