Ergonomic Keyboard

V4 Electronic offers USB Ergonomic Keyboard, KB11. WK11 is cordless ergonomic keyboard. Wrist pad is available on them.

KB11 is one of our ergonomic keyboards.

Compare with common keyboards, ergonomic keyboard adds some designs to reduce muscle strain and a host of related problems. There are two main design on the ergonomic keyboard.

  • Re-arrange layout of keys.
  • Add wrist pad.

Microsoft is a leader of ergonomic keyboard, they call it as Natural Keyboard. His ergonomic keyboard includes Split Keyboard and Curved Keyboard.

There are more reference about ergonomic keyboards as below:

Keyboard for computers

Our standard keyboard with fist pad, KB6118.

If you are sourcing the keyboard for computers and you want to find a long term business partner from mainland China, Shenzhen V4 Electronic Co., ltd. is worth considering!

Our company has been keyboard suppliers since 1998. With many years of experience, every year a large number of keyboards made in our company are exported around the world including the Middle East and South America.We supply wireless keyboard, multimedia keyboard and bluetooth keyboard. In addition, all our keyboard for computers is available at wholesale prices, and of course, we will also offer you superior customer service which adds up to a company you can trust. Read more

Fantastic Ergonomic Gaming Keyboards

An ergonomic gaming keyboard with blue backlight

This is an odd ergonomic gaming keyboard called “Warrior Xxtreme”. The director of its company call it as “the next genneration PC gamepad”. I’ve notice it’s a backlight keyboard with blue backligh.

Well, in my opinion, it’s hard to accept the odd keyboard layout. It need at least one month to be used to the new layout. Now, it’s available at Read more

What’s Ergonomic Computer Keyboard

Most of ergonomic computer keyboard arrange keys in the shape of

Split Ergonomic Computer Keyboard

Compare with keyboards we’re mostly using, ergonomic computer keyboard is good news to people who work long time with computer. There are two major types of Ergonomic Computer Keyboard in the market, they’re Split ergonomic computer keyboards and Vertical ergonomic computer keyboard.

Split ergonomic computer keyboards has a gap in the middle, that divides the keycaps into two separate halves. Most of ergonomic computer keyboards arrange the keys in the shap of a “V”. Read more