An Unoffical Definition of Chocolate Keyboard

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Recently, our boss make a new keyboard, KB6908, a kind of super slim keyboard. Boss call it as “Chocolate Keyboard“. I just heard this words some times before, have no idea about “chocolate keyboard”.

After research, I found there is no official definition about chocolate keyboard. We try to sum up its definition here.


Chocolate keyboard is a noun about keycaps. Chocolate keyboard is not popular before 2006. MacBook in 2006 choose these kind of keys, and make it more and more popular.

MacBook makes chocolate keyboard popular

MacBook makes chocolate keyboard popular

In 2009, ASUS lanuched his Chocolate Keyboard and other products, won the Red Dot 2009. (Official link) Thanks to promotions of ASUS, Chocolate keyboard became more hot.

Arrow Keys are integrated into ASUS chocolate notebook keyboard.

Arrow Keys are integrated into ASUS chocolate notebook keyboard.

Some unofficial threads said, chocolate keycap can be found on the calculate of Sharp and Casio. Sony’s notebook use this design several times. Until 2006


From MacBook (2006) and ASUS chocolate keyboard (2009), we found chocolate keyboards include:

  • Curved top surface;
  • Bottom is align with front panel of keyboard;
  • Arrow keys are on the bottom right.
  • Scissor keys (probably).

Because no official definition, not all of chocolate keyboards have all of three features. For instance, we call KB6908 as chocolate keyboard, although its top surface is completely flat. Anyway, we found fashion is another feature of chocolate keyboard.

Our Chocolate Keyboard KB6908

Chocolate Keyboard KB6908 from V4 Electronic.

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Published at Mar. 1, 2011
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  1. Bill on February 4th, 2013 2:30 am

    It’s not a CHOCOLATE keyboard, it’s a CHICLET keyboard. “Chiclet” is a type of hard gum that is small, flat, and white with rounded edges. It’s a spanish word, so it’s pronounced like “Cheek-Lay”